Richie is a community driven token like no other, charity based frictionless farming token that is conceptualized to spread happiness across the globe by helping the ones in need.

About Us
Richie character in suit

About Richie

As the name suggests, Richie is rich but not just by his wallet but also at heart. Hence, Richie is descending on Planet Earth in his spaceship to provide help where needed as well as help the community grow just like his native planet, Planet Rich. Legend goes that if you look closely, you can see the golden planet (Planet Rich) shining bright against the dark night sky.

Character Sketch

Flamboyance and Richie go hand in hand. He has a heart of diamond just like all residents of Planet Rich. Richie lives lavishly and dangerously, he has a thing for speed...owns a fleet of lambos and a line-up of spaceships, different colors for different days. There’s so much more to Richie, but before we forget, did we tell you about his best friend, Billion? Who is Billion, you ask? A hint – woof woof !!



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